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Awards & Certifications

DePue Mechanical Earns Meritorious Award and Gold Award from TRMA

Congratulations to DePue Mechanical for earning the Meritorious Award and the Gold Award from the Three Rivers Manufacturers’ Association (TRMA) for the 14th year in a row!


Awarded annually in October, the Meritorious and Gold Awards are earned for excellence in safety. As part of DePue’s firm stance on team member safety, earning this award shows the amount of dedication DePue and all its employees have for keeping themselves and each other safe.

“This goes to reflect the culture of DePue and how safety is always a top priority for us”, describes Niko Capodice, VP of Business Development at DePue. “You know, the places we work are dangerous environments, and I believe the more we emphasize on safety, the better for our team because safety is a big thing; we just want to get everyone home at the end of the day.”

For more information on the TRMA and their dedication to safety, visit their website: