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Heavy Equipment Setting & Steel Fabrication


DePue Mechanical specializes in providing comprehensive heavy equipment setting and steel fabrication services. We offer expert assistance in safety management, scheduling, and budget coordination for the efficient placement of various equipment.


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  • Equipment Setting & Steel Fabrication

Equipment Setting & Steel Fabrication

For all your heavy equipment setting and steel fabrication needs, DePue Mechanical is your trusted partner. Our services include:

  • Equipment Setting: Our experienced team is well-versed in setting up different types of heavy equipment efficiently and securely.
  • Steel Fabrication: We offer designing, fabricating, and installing steel solutions for a wide range of structural needs. From steel stairways to custom fabrications, we provide tailored steel solutions to meet your requirements.

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About Equipment Setting & Steel Fabrication

Setting heavy equipment, such as with cranes, requires meticulous attention to detail and safety precautions. Safety is always our top priority at DePue Mechanical, ensuring that all equipment is placed correctly and securely.

In addition to equipment setting, we offer steel fabrication services in various shapes and sizes. Our expert team will design and install steel components for your structural needs, including steel stairways, structural steel fabrication, window guards, and custom steel fabrications.

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