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Field Foremen Participate in Safety Training Held At TopGolf

Safety is DePue’s #1 priority


As such, DePue hosts a quarterly safety training for all field foremen to go over a selection of safety topics based on needs seen in the field, near-misses, or overall improvement initiatives. This gives a personal touch and makes the DePue safety trainings relevant to what is being seen in the field.

In May 2022, DePue hosted one of its quarterly safety meetings at TopGolf to demonstrate proper fall protection harness fitting. At this demonstration, foremen were fit for new safety harnesses and had fall simulations held in a small retrieval device in the parking lot.

DePue currently holds an exemplary EMR rating for safety thanks to the hard work and dedication of the entire team’s focus on safety.

Niko Capodice, VP of Business Development at DePue, shared DePue’s view on safety precautions: “Safety is a large topic for the work that we do everyday, and we want to make sure we’re giving our crews and our teams the proper tooling and equipment they need to stay safe so that they’re going home everyday to their families.”