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Urban Kayak


Urban Kayak & Taco Rio Chicago


Commercial HVAC


Chicago, IL


We listen

Urban Kayak, a popular kayak rental facility and tourist destination located at the mouth of the Chicago River, required the conversion of three Conex Box buildings into a kayak rental area, bathrooms, and a bar and grill. The previously engineered equipment was found to be oversized and unsuitable for the intended application.


We respond

DePue Mechanical partnered with Urban Kayak and undertook a meticulous re-engineering process for the project. Our team carefully selected correctly sized equipment and designed the appropriate ductwork to match the requirements of the facility.


We deliver

DePue Mechanical successfully installed a fully functioning HVAC system for Urban Kayak. The system encompasses heating and air conditioning, a large kitchen hood, exhaust mechanisms for the bathrooms, and a Make-up Air Unit for the kitchen. This comprehensive HVAC solution ensures that Urban Kayak provides a comfortable and enjoyable environment for its visitors.

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