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Image from Henkel Chemical Plant


Henkel Chemical Plant

DePue Mechanical was contracted by Henkel Elgin to replace their cooling towers due to higher demands in their chemical plant. The cooling towers are a crucial part of the plant's operation, as they cool the water used to cool equipment inside the plant, including the reactors used to make product.


Cooling Tower Replacements


Industrial Piping, Equipment Setting & Steel Fabrication


Phase 1 - 2015, Phase 2 - 2021


Elgin, Illinois


We listen

Henkel required a shutdown install, which meant that the cooling towers needed to be replaced while the plant was not in operation. This presented a challenge, as the cooling towers needed to be installed and operational before the plant could resume production.


We respond

DePue Mechanical developed a plan to replace the cooling towers during the plant's scheduled shutdown. The new, upsized cooling towers were installed and tested to ensure that they were fully operational before the plant resumed production.


We deliver

Thanks to the expertise of DePue Mechanical, the cooling tower replacements were completed on time and within budget. The new cooling towers allow Henkel Elgin to meet the higher demands of their chemical plant, ensuring that their production stays on track.

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